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We know you depend on your vehicle to support your family and livelihood in Maine. It takes you to and from work, weekends up north, days at the beach, kids soccer games and where ever else your heart desires. You trust your vehicle to get you where you need to go safely, but can you trust your Insurance company in the event of an accident??

The experienced agents at Thomas Agency have the knowledge and expertise you will need to navigate to the insurance carrier that will meet your needs. We will stand by you in the event of an accident, and help you navigate through the claims process.

We can also help you understand what liability coverage is, and why it’s needed, as well as medical payments, comprehensive, collision, as well as some other coverages you may, or may not need.

If you are searching for an auto insurance company you can depend on, might save you some money, perhaps we can help! Give us a call at Thomas Agency.


Whether you ride on or off the road, 2 wheels or 4, we can help you secure the coverage you need.

We know you will agree that all of your assets are worth protecting. We also know you don’t want to pay a fortune to keep them all safe. At Thomas Agency we have a long history of experience in dealing with motorcycles, watercrafts, antique auto, campers, snowmobiles, ATV or any other recreational vehicles you need to insure.